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FeverFy™ Software with artificial intelligence assistence and Thermal Imaging


Quality infrared monitoring you can trust.

Contributing to the integrity of all, safeguarding national security.

Are we fighting an invisible enemy?

Now, the new infrared alert system for the screening of epidemics and viral activity (IRTEAV-FeverFy), allows, through the interpretation of thermal data, the automatic recognition of the febrile state, common in viruses, early identifying suspected cases and preventing viral spread.

Our services

Monitoring with infrared image (medical thermography with AI assistance) to screen for epidemics and viral activity (IRTEAV), in anticipation of the feverish state.

Innocuous and harmless examination, without the use of radiation or contrast elements, abstaining from physical contact, totally safe.

fever screening possibilities

Why choose FeverFy?

why feverfy software

FeverFy Software

  • Easy screening of faces with facial recognition.
  • Temperature reading in a second.
  • Easy to use software shows you a green label “GO” or a red label “EVALUATE”.
  • With and without sound.
  • With face counter, easy to reset to 0.

What happens if people take medication to lower the fever?

The maximum body temperature can be normal. Therefore, tracking cannot be just an alarm to measure maximum or average temperature. Intelligent systems as Feverfy evaluate the thermal distribution in specific areas of the face, which changes when an individual is infected. When the individual presents inflammation / vasodilation, it is possible to be mapped, qualified and quantified.

Up to Date Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus world wide

Cumulative Confirmed Cases World Wide

Symptoms of novel coronavirus

People with COVID-19 often have:
  • A fever
  • Respiratory complaints such as coughing
  • Common cold
  • Sneezing
  • Difficulty breathing.